Gamified neuroanatomy for the modern student!

An educational web app to help healthcare students of all levels learn and master cranial, spine, and neuroanatomy

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Expert Content

Elevate your knowledge and master the human skull.

Immerse yourself in our library of 850+ questions covering 270+ skull structures. All questions and anatomical structures are categorized and sorted by difficulty, educational level, and clinical relevance to personalize your learning experience. 

All of NeuroAscent’s content is created and reviewed by anatomy and clinical experts.

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Gamified Learning Features

We have a dream of building a game for one of the most challenging subjects for students!

Earn points and badges in categories such as clinical anatomy and embryology. Compete on leaderboards in Timed Mode for the highest scores. More features coming soon to maximize your learning.

Memorable 3D Experience

Make learning reflexive and memorable with amazing 3D visualizations and confetti cannons!

Our 3D environment is run with WebGL which makes it accessible by web with almost any modern device.

Spinal cord

Multiple Game Modes

Select the game mode based on your individual learning style.

Flashcard Mode delivers content based on previous performances.
This uses our highly modified SM-2 style algorithm for a spaced-repetition experience!

Timed Mode you can quickly review the questions and anatomical structures for a level in a set amount of time.
In this mode you can compete for the highest score on our Leaderboards.

Use Clinical Mode if you are a student on the move in the hospital and looking to get in those key clinical anatomy pearls!

Flashcard mode

Timed Session

Clinical only mode



NeuroAscent is available and accessible on all devices with an internet connection. Install as a Progressive Web App (PWA) for the best mobile device experience.

PWAs function like native mobile apps while leveraging the open architecture of the web. Use native iOS and Android browsers for the best experience.

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$10 $4 / every 6 months

first payment made after end of 7-day trial period and billed every 6 months after.

Future Content

Your account when created today will grant you access to all future content expansions. In addition to our library of hundreds of skull questions and structures, we be adding the entire human osseous spine this Winter. Stay tuned for our rollout of human spinal cord and medulla axial slices!